Ahoy Paddlers!

BUC Approved Kayaking is not a crime!

Meet the Hemel Hempstead Canoe Club 2013 Executive

HHCC Chairman Sue Prowse
Chairman: Sue Prowse
Paddling Experience: 3 star ww kayak & sea kayak. Div 3 slalom.  Level 2 coach, GB (senior mixed) dragon boat paddler, raft racing, and trainee raft guide
Current Boat: Liquid Logic Jefe, Dagger Super Ego, Dagger Mamba
Other Interests: Horse Riding, Walking, Talking and Sit on Tops (but not at HHCC) Cats and Twitter
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HHCC Head of Coaching Robin Oakley
Head of Coaching: Robin Oakley
Paddling Experience: Level 3 Coach, sea & WW paddler, DW / marathon racer in C2, K2 and K1 & div 2 K1 slalom, dragon boat world record holder, in GB (grand dragons) dragon boat team and trainee raft guide
Current Boat: Liquid Logic CR 250, Liquid Logic Jefe, Dagger G-Force C1,  whitwater C1
Other Interests: Keeping fit, Punctuality, Cycling and Sailing
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HHCC Treasurer
Treasurer: Ruth Gungadoo
Paddling Experience: Keen WW expert and sea kayaking, Level 1 coach, outrigger paddler, raft racing and trainee raft guide!
Current Boat: Dagger Mamba
Other Interests: Waterproof Cars, Cycling, Camp Cooking and Sausages
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Welfare Officer (A): Helen Ward
Paddling Experience: Level 1 Coach
Current Boat: To many to list here
Other Interests: Keep Fit, Tidyness Fanatic, Needlework and Diet Coke
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Welfare Officer (B): Ross Hensman
Paddling Experience: Level 2 Coach
Current Boat: old and tired
Other Interests: Cars and Cars
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HHCC Secretary Ian Holloway
Secretary: Ian Holloway
Paddling Experience: Level 1 coach
Current Boat: Wavesport D65
Other Interests: Blondie
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Non Executive: Rod White
Paddling Experience: Extensive
Current Boat: Little blue boat
Other Interests: Fast Things and Bustin' Moves
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Junior Co-ordinator: Alex Lowry
Paddling Experience: Several years
Current Boat: for sale
Other Interests: Style, Bad Muzic and being an Ideal Son
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Club Mark
HHCC is working towards Club Mark accreditation, which brings a number of benefits to the club. Primarily it gives us more funding opportunities, will be required if we're to use the Olympic course at Broxbourne and helps us meet ever increasing legislation.

We believe that taking part in a club is long-established and proven means of developing teamwork, social skills and mutual responsibility in young people and adults alike. Paddlesport offers excitement and physical exertion in a controlled environment.  It trains individuals to manage risk and gives a sense responsibility, personal achievement, resourcefulness and teamwork.

To qualify for the Club Mark, we need to reinforce these beliefs with written evidence, including a code of conduct, club rules, risk assessment, child protection policy and health & safety policy. We have all these in place, but they have not all been formally issued. 

Code of Conduct
The code of conduct and club rules, as here, and have now been agreed by the club committee and are in force. This document formalises our informal practices and must be adhered to by all please!

Any queries members have over the code, club rules and associated policies can be raised at the AGM.

Hemel Hempstead Cano Club Montage