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BUC Approved Kayaking is not a crime!

Changes to Personal and Club Boat Storage

As many of you are aware we do have storage facilities for both Member boats and Club boats.  However, although we have a lot of storage in comparison to other clubs in the area, we are extremely close to reaching our capacity.  In light of this, going forward all boats that are stored on site will be required to have a HHCC sticker indicating either a boat is:

This will enable the executive to identify which boats should be in which store, and which boats do not have an owner.  It will also help, when members who are intending on using club equipment, do not use member equipment, unless of course the member has given permission for its use.

All members who have paid to store their boat at HHCC will be sent stickers to their home address, of which they will need to apply to their boat prior to 13th June 2010.  The Executive will assume that members who have not paid the current storage fee will remove their boat prior to this date.  Any remaining boats, will be removed from storage, and where the Executive have not been able to identify owners, as of 13th June 2010, will dispose of the boats through one of the following:

Therefore it is advisable for all Members who have a boat in storage to contact Bob Pearce (Membership@hhcanoeclub.com) to ensure that they have paid the relevant storage fee.

We would also like to remind Members that HHCC does not insure any boat that is stored at HHCC, therefore it is the responsibility of Members to make relevant arrangements for coverage.  The BCU offer both single-boat and multi-boat policies, and are very competitive on price, click here to go direct to the Canoe England website for further details relating to the BCU Boat Insurance.




Break-ins, Warnings and CCTV

As the club itself is available to members 24/7, this does not necessarily mean only members try and access our facilities.  A number of break-ins and attempted break-ins have occured at the club, which has led to stolen kit including boats.  Please ensure that, if you are the only member or group of members, the gate is locked when you leave the compound, and it is also locked whilst you are on the water.

Dacorum District Council has informed us that there are a number of vehicles which have been seen in and around the parking area outside of the compound.  A particular vehicle, which has been described as a large silver transit like van has been seen in the area, has caused disturbance to the trail bikers.  Therefore it is extremely important that should you spot anything out of the ordinary, to contact the police, and do not approach the vehicles.  The police have started making regular visits to the area due to these problems, so you will see a few marked cars whilst on-site.

In light of the above and a number of other issues, plus discussions with the police, the Executive have purchased the installation of a CCTV system which will cover the compound and the club house.  The CCTV has just been installed, and will be used as a deterrent as well as recording any attempted break-ins or problems that may occur at the club.  The priority of the Executive is to ensure the safety of our members, and we believe that CCTV will support this.  Should you have any questions regarding the CCTV then please contact the Chairman directly.


“Canoeing and Kayaking are “Assumed risk” – “Water contact sports” that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement”.


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